I have always been somewhat leukaphobic; finding plain & vanilla things to be an eye sore. From a young age, I was drawn to the subculture of body modification. The concept of decorating ones skin was and remains very sacred to me.


I began tattooing in 2004, at the bushy- eyed age of 18. Two years later, I landed my first spot at a tattoo parlor and have been enjoying my career ever since. My preference in tattoo imagery airs on the side of American Traditional; with a slight illustrative and punk-rock twist to it. I love bright & bold tattoos, cartoonish imagery, and anything that holds some sort of juxtaposition.


There is a difference between creating & recreating. I have always been very fond of artist like Dali & Basquait: those who are fully aware of reality, yet choose to create their own. In my humble opinion art is not the recreation of the life, but rather the creation of an individuals interpretation of life. The good, the bad & the ugly…


My Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology taught me that we only grow as individuals if we allow it. I don’t want to stay stagnant, I want to evolve. I enjoy breaking out of my comfort zone & creating tattoos that push me as an artist. Sometimes we find what makes us comfortable only through uncomfortable situations.

Thanks for looking at my art! Stay posted on my new work by following my digital portfolio on Instagram at danidemoart.


Dani Demo

        Dermagraphic Artist

        Ordained Minister

        Mediocre human being

        Kick -ass momma